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I'm a thirty-one year veteran of the Chicago Tribune newspaper. I had spent most of my time at this historic institution in the graphic arts, both as an artist and photographer. While at the Chicago Tribune, I had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the best illustrators, artists, air brush experts, photojournalists and studio photographers in the country.

Photography is now a passion of mine, and I've worked in both a studio environment as well as on location and am based in the Chicago area. I've directed and photographed corporate annual report assignments, and advertising & marketing projects. I've photographed products for catalog work, corporate events, and weddings. I've covered journalism assignments, executive portraiture, and sporting events. I enjoy concert photography, fine art photography, landscapes, portraiture, and photo illustrations. I also re-touch photos as well, printed and digital. I'm a former resident of a photo gallery & studio in Chicago's Flat Iron building, and participant in past "Around the Coyote Arts Festival" exhibitions, located in Chicago's bustling Wicker Park community. I've attended Wright College and DePaul University in Chicago, and have never stopped learning about the art of photography and the craft of digital illustration. I've continued to attend workshops and seminars. I enjoy creating illustrations from my photography as well. Other use of a copyrighted image is subject to additional licensing, contact me for further information. Insurance certificate available upon request. The following link is to my blog with samples of imagery and video.

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